Working with text

There are several varieties of text—Artistic, Frame and Shape, to give you flexibility when working with typography.

Text objects contain both character and paragraph elements, making it easy to modify standard text attributes such as font, size, format, and alignment. Both text tools have quick access settings on the context toolbar and supporting panels and dialogs for more extensive, advanced options.

When snapping is switched on, the baseline of the first line in a text object will snap to the baseline of the first line in other text objects.

When performing text editing, Photo supports all standard text selection and formatting techniques and shortcuts.

Affinity Photo lets you temporarily hide text while you're concentrating your design work on other areas of your page.

Move Tool artistic text tool frame text tool To select text objects for formatting:
To select text on the page:

Do one of the following:

To select... Action Example
a single worddouble-clickSingle word select
multiple wordsdouble-click with the pressedMultiple word select
a linetriple-clickSingle line select
a text rangedrag with cursor. Use Shift key to select text between two insertion points.Text range select
a paragraphquadruple-clickSingle paragraph select
all paragraphsquintuple-clickAll paragraph select
To move text:
To hide/show all text: