Paragraph formatting

Paragraph formatting describes text attributes which are applied at a paragraph level.

Paragraph formatting includes attributes such as alignment, leading, and indents which can only be applied to full paragraphs or stories.

This type of formatting can be applied to artistic text, but is more appropriate for frame text.

With your text (or text object) selected, paragraph formatting settings are available from the context toolbar, the Text menu, and the Paragraph panel.

To access the Paragraph panel:

Do one of the following:

Add New Tab Stop To add tab stops:

On the Paragraph panel, in the Tab Stops section:

  1. Set the tab stop space using the input box.
  2. Click Add New Tab Stop.

A new tab stop is added to the paragraph and is listed on the left within the Tab Stops section. If you repeat the above procedure to add multiple tab stops, the tab stop space is calculated from the position of the previously added tab stop.

Delete Selected Tab Stop To modify and delete tab stops:

On the Paragraph panel, in the Tab Stops section, do one of the following: