Artistic text

Artistic text, as the name suggests, is best suited to decorative or artistic typographical design.

Artistic text

Artistic text can be modified in many of the same ways as drawn objects, while still retaining standard text attributes. This makes it ideal for single words, headlines, pull quotes, etc,.

When artistic text is resized, the text stretches or contracts to fit its new dimensions. Its relative font size automatically updates on the context toolbar.

Although paragraph attributes can be set for artistic text, it is more likely modifications will be to character attributes and on-page positioning using design aids and a creative eye.

Artistic Text Tool To create artistic text:

With the Artistic Text Tool selected:

  1. Click or drag on the page for a default or custom 'sized' text size, respectively.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Type your text.
    • Paste previously copied text.
    • From the File menu, select Place. In the pop-up dialog, navigate to and select a file, and click Open.
To resize artistic text:

With the artistic text selected, do one of the following: