Frame text

Frame text is perfect for presenting paragraphs with a formalized structure and layout. If you want to present text in columns, frame text is the ideal solution.

Frame text

By clicking in the drawn frame then typing, you're able to fill the frame with frame text. If excess text overflows the bottom of the frame, you can either reduce the text's font size from the context toolbar or make the text frame larger; both methods will make the text fit the frame.

Frame text can be created within rectangular (square) frames using the Frame Text Tool or within any curve or closed shape.

Frame Text Tool To create frame text:

With the Frame Text Tool selected:

  1. Drag on the page. This sets the initial size of the text frame.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Type your text.
    • Paste (V) previously copied text.
    • From the File menu, select Place. In the pop-up dialog, navigate to and select a file, and click Open.

Resizing text frames

When resizing a frame you can control whether:

To reflow text:

With the text frame selected, do one of the following:

To scale text:
To fit frame to frame text:

Aligning text in text frames

Horizontal alignment is a paragraph attribute which can be altered via the Text context toolbar. Vertical alignment of text within a frame is a frame attribute. The latter is good for aligning text centrally with adjacent graphics.

To vertically align frame text:

Using placeholder text

If you're designing before full copy has been written, you can use placeholder (filler) text to help you progress with your project.

To add filler text: