Liquify Persona Warping using Liquify Persona

Liquify Persona provides the perfect environment for highly accurate warping of images.

Before and after liquify effect applied.

When a warp is applied to an image, the overlaid mesh will update to describe the warp on a grid. Furthermore, modifying the grid will update the warped image below.

Image warping is controlled using a combination of the Liquify tools. These can be divided into three types:

These Liquify tools are supported by a dedicated Brushes panel.

Warping can be further modified and controlled using the Mesh and Mask panels.

To apply a Liquify distortion effect:
  1. Select a pixel layer.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • To apply the effect non-destructively: Apply the effect as a live filter layer from the Layers panel or Layer>New Live Filter Layer>Distort.
    • Develop Persona To apply the effect directly to the image: From the Persona toolbar, select Liquify Persona.
  3. Use the warp tools as described below.
  4. Select Apply or Done.
Liquify Push Forward Tool Liquify Push Left Tool Liquify Twirl Tool Liquify Pinch Tool Liquify Punch Tool Liquify Turbulence Tool To warp using the Liquify tools:
  1. Click a Liquify tool.
  2. Adjust settings on the Brush panel.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • Click or drag on the image to apply the default warp effect.
    • -click or -drag on the image to apply the opposite warp effect. (Not available on all tools.)
  4. The effect of the tool is cumulative. If the result is not strong enough, repeat the step above.
Liquify Mesh Clone Tool To warp using Clone Mesh:
  1. Click the Liquify Clone Mesh Tool.
  2. Adjust settings on the Brush panel.
  3. -click on the area of the mesh you wish to copy.
  4. Click on the area of the mesh to 'paste' the copied effect.
  5. Repeat the step above to apply the copied effect elsewhere on the image.
Liquify Reconstruct Tool To remove a warp effect:

For individual pixels:

  1. Click the Liquify Reconstruct Tool.
  2. Click or drag on the image to remove the warp effect.

For the entire image:

To strengthen or subdue the current warp effect:
  1. On the Mesh panel, set the Reconstruct Mesh value:
    • Above 100% to strengthen the effect.
    • Below 100% to subdue the effect.
  2. (Optional) Click Apply and then repeat the above step to further strengthen or subdue the effect.
To permanently apply the warp effect:

Mesh controls

The Toolbar provides quick access to mesh controls which allow you to reset, save and load a mesh.

For more information on mesh controls, see the Mesh panel topic.

View modes in Liquify Persona

There are a variety of view modes available in Liquify Persona which give you the opportunity of seeing how your warped image compares to the original.

Normal view mode Split view mode Mirror view mode To activate view modes:

On the Toolbar, do one of the following: