Find and replace

You can search artistic or frame text for not just words or parts of words, but a host of character and paragraph attributes such as fonts, styles, alignment, bullets and numbering, drop caps, regular expressions, and more! Once located, you can replace items either globally, or on a case-by-case basis.

To use Find and Replace:

The results of the search appear at the bottom of the panel. You can click on any result entry to jump to the search term text as it appears on its page.

Regular expressions

Regular expressions extend the capabilities and power of the Find and Replace function beyond searching for simple text strings. They are widely used across the word-processing and DTP community, with a multitude of expressions available. As a result, listing regular expressions and their syntax is beyond the scope of Affinity Publisher Help. Please use Internet resources to research and develop your own regular expressions including and

Presets Icon To use regular expressions:
  1. Click Formatting and enable either Regular Expressions or Locale Aware Regular Expressions.
  2. Enter a regular expression into the Find box.