Editing text

You can use any text tool to edit frame text, table text, or art text directly on the page. As well as selecting and entering text, you can set paragraph indents and tab stops, change text properties, apply text styles, and use Find and Replace.

To select text on the page:

Do one of the following:

To select... Action Example
a single worddouble-clickSingle word select
multiple wordsdouble-click with the pressedMultiple word select
a linetriple-clickSingle line select
a text rangedrag with cursor. Use Shift key to select text between two points.Text range select
a paragraphquadruple-clickSingle paragraph select
all paragraphsquintuple-clickAll paragraph select
To move text:
To edit text on the page:
  1. Do one of the following:
    • Select any text tool, then click (or drag) in the text object. A standard insertion point appears at the click position.
    • Select a single word, paragraph or portion of text (see above).
  2. Type to insert new text or overwrite selected text, respectively.
To start a new paragraph:
To create a line break:
To flow text to the next column (Column Break), frame (Frame Break) or page (Page Break):