Opening packages

When an .afpackage file is opened, Affinity Publisher displays the Package Document dialog to inform the recipient of the package's contents, including any font and image issues they may need to resolve.

The dialog's Fonts section after opening a packaged document.

Dealing with font issues

When opening a package, the dialog's Fonts section displays additional columns.

Discuss font licensing with the package's provider/recipient accordingly.

Installing fonts

Fonts listed as Missing in the Status column are not installed on the current device.

If such a font is included in the package, tick the checkbox in its Install column to make it available only to Affinity Publisher and only for the current session. This enables the recipient to export and print the document as is.

If the document needs to be edited and fonts not installed on the current device are included in the package's Fonts folder, use your operating system's built-in mechanism or a third-party tool to install the fonts.

Dealing with image issues

Consult the package's provider if an image is reported as Missing. They may have removed it from the package due to licensing restrictions that prevent it being shared.

You will not need to locate images listed as Present. When packaging, Affinity Publisher updates a document's links to these resources to use the files in the package's Images folder.

Editing a packaged document

Changes cannot be saved to the .afpackage file. This preserves its state in case it is needed again.

To save changes, use File>Save As to create a new .afpub file from the package.

To open a package:
  1. Select File>Open and choose the .afpackage file. It opens as a read-only document.
  2. Review the summary of fonts and images.
  3. (Optional) On the Package Document dialog, select Fonts. For any font that's listed as Missing, put a tick in its checkbox in the Install column.
  4. Select OK.
  5. (Optional) Select File>Save As. This creates an .afpub file to which you can save changes and which you are now editing.