About packaging

Packaging is an easy way to ensure that when you share a document with a collaborator or printing service, they have all the items needed to edit and print it.

The Save as Package command outputs a copy of your document and any fonts and linked images used by it into a folder. Your chosen folder must be empty beforehand.

A package's contents

When packaging is complete, the destination folder will contain:

The items in the package are copies. The files used to create the package remain in their original locations and are unaltered by the packaging process.

With everything collated in a folder, share the package with others using your preferred method, such as cloud storage. Before doing so, review your licensing terms for all items in the package.

Differences between Save as Package and Collect

The Resource Manager's Collect feature may sound similar to Save as Package. However, it is designed to collate some or all of a document's linked resources in a folder and update the references to their new location. Also, it does not process fonts.