Distortion filters

Distortion filters move pixels in your image to produce various distortion effects.

Available filters include:

Filter name Description Regular filter
Live filter
Affine Moves, scales, or rotates by percentage amounts. check
Deform Distorts from one or more anchor point positions. check
Displace Distorts using a displacement map. check check
Equations Apply custom transform filter based on mathematical expressions. check
Lens Correction Apply a lens profile to fix various distortions by straightening and aligning lines in an image. check
Lens Distortion Fixes barrel and pincushion lens distortions. check check
Liquify Apply non-destructive liquify distortions to the entire image or masked regions of it. check
Mirror Provides a reflection using one or more mirrors. check
Perspective A filter based on the Perspective Tool. check check
Pinch/Punch Squeezes or bulges an image area. check check
Pixelate Creates blocks of color to obscure image areas. check
Polar to Rectangular Distorts by changing polar to rectilinear X/Y coordinates. check
Rectangular to Polar Distorts by changing rectilinear X/Y to polar coordinates. check
Ripple Produces a radial rippling effect. check check
Shear Apply a linear or curved shear to an image horizontally and/or vertically. check
Spherical Creates a convex or concave sphere distortion. check check
Twirl Creates a clockwise or anti-clockwise twirl effect. check check