Blur filters

Use blur filters to apply creative blurring effects to your photo.

Available filters include:

Filter name Description Regular filter
Live filter
Average Applies a uniform color averaged across your image. check
Bilateral Blur Blurs while retaining high contrast. check check
Box Blur Blurs based on a boxed region. check check
Custom Blur Applies your own blur using a customizable pixel matrix. check
Depth Of Field Blur Applies elliptical or Tilt-shift blur gradients. check check
Diffuse Glow Blurs with a soft glow effect. check check
Field Blur Adds focal points to a blurred image. check check
Gaussian Blur A smoothing blur for noise reduction. check check
Lens Blur Simulates blurring from wide aperture lens usage. check check
Maximum Blur Broadens highlights, reduce shadows. check check
Median Blur Blurs while affecting color regions. check check
Minimum Blur Shrinks highlights, increase shadows. check check
Motion Blur Blurs to simulate directional movement. check check
Radial Blur Gives a circular blur at a chosen position. check check
Zoom Blur blurs to simulate zooming-in motion effect. check