There are a variety of viewing options available which give you maximum flexibility when editing your images.

New View

There are times when it is useful to view a design at different zoom levels simultaneously. This can be achieved by opening your current project in a New View. The views can then be set to different zoom levels. Changes made to any view are replicated in the other.

To open the current project in a new view:
To switch between open projects and views:

Do one of the following:

Full Screen View

Regardless of which layout mode you choose to work in, you also have the option of full screen view. In this view, Affinity Photo is effectively maximized to its own desktop, giving you every available pixel to work with.

To display full screen:

Do one of the following:

  • Click the Full Screen button at the top of your window (this is the top-left green button for OS X Yosemite users).
  • From the Window menu, select Toggle Full Screen.