Renaming and viewing artboards

Artboards can be renamed and selected as targets for zooming, just like any other document objects.

Newly created artboards are given the default naming convention of 'Artboard {n}', while copied or duplicated artboards take on the same name as the original artboard.

Artboard names appear in the Layers panel as well as being located near their artboard on the pasteboard. To help you organize and identify artboards, you can rename them.

You can also zoom to artboards, for focused working, using the Zoom to Selection option.

To rename an artboard:
  1. Select an artboard.
  2. On the Layers panel, click the artboard's current name.
  3. Type a new name for the artboard.
To zoom to an artboard:
  1. Select an artboard.
  2. From the View menu, select Zoom to Selection.