Customizing keyboard shortcuts

While the default keyboard shortcuts broadly follow industry standards and common use in other applications, it's possible to customize your keyboard shortcuts exactly to your liking.

You can customize shortcuts on an application-wide or on a per-Persona basis. Shortcuts can be customized for tools, menu items, panel switch on/off, and tool operations, either being added as new shortcuts or replacing existing shortcuts.

You can optionally save your customized shortcuts to a file (.affshortcuts) that can be shared with other users or backed up for safe keeping.

Available settings are as follows:

To assign (re-assign) a keyboard shortcut:
  1. From the Affinity Publisher menu, select Preferences.
  2. From the Edit menu, select Preferences.
  3. Select the Keyboard Shortcuts tab.
  4. From the initial two pop-up menus, filter shortcuts by Persona and then by UI Element, respectively.
  5. From the lower shortcut list, click in the box (containing empty or existing shortcut) at the end of a shortcut entry for the shortcut you want to change.
  6. Press your chosen keyboard key(s) to assign. This adds the new shortcut or overwrites the assigned shortcut.
Remove shortcut To delete a keyboard shortcut: