Adding sections

Sections are used to split publications into related groups of pages, e.g. Preface, Contents, Introduction, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, etc. The main purpose is to assign different page numbering styles and section names to each section, control page numbering starts. This lets you delimit your publication logically by content type or subject matter.


Every document possesses at least one page. This initial page belongs to the first section.

Sections are numbered but can also be named so they can be referred to in page numbering. You can also specify the first page number in the sequence (this will appear on the first page of the publication). For example, Chapter Two of a long publication might be in a separate file and begin numbering with page 33.

To create sections from a chosen page:
  1. On the Pages panel, -click a page thumbnail and select Start New Section.
  2. (Optional) From the Section Manager, choose to Restart page numbering for the section, add a Section name for insertion of section name as a field into title and header/footer text or swap Number style.
  3. Click Close.
Section Manager Add Section To create sections from Section Manager:
  1. On the Pages panel, select Section Manager above the Pages window.
  2. Click Add Section at the bottom left of the dialog. This creates a new section from pages not already in sections.
  3. Change the Start on page value to the page number you want the new section to start from.
Section Manager To edit a section:

From the Pages panel, do one of the following:

Section Manager To restart numbering for a section:
  1. From Section Manager, select a section.
  2. Enable Restart page numbering at and enter a page number to start from. By default, sections allow page number continuation using the Continue page numbering setting.
To continue page numbering across multiple merged documents:
  1. From the Section Manager, use the or keys to select multiple sections at once.
  2. Choose Continue page numbering for the selected sections.
  3. Click Close.