Merge documents

From Affinity Publisher, you can add a complete Affinity Publisher document, any document's section or selected document pages to your current document.

Affinity Publisher allows you to merge pages into your current document from an external Publisher document, adding all pages, selected pages or any document section at a location of your choosing within your document. This is extremely useful if you want to add a cover to a digital edition of a book, or for assembling book chapters.

To merge documents:
  1. Do one of the following:
    • From the Document menu, select Add Pages from File.
    • Right click on a page from the Pages panel and select Add Pages from File.
  2. You will be prompted to locate the file you wish to merge. When you have selected your file, click Open.
  3. The Add Pages from File dialog will appear. From here, you can choose whether you wish to add All Pages, selected Page Numbers or a named Section (sections need to be created in advance). You can also select a location in your current document for the merged pages to be added to (Add Pages), or opt to overwrite existing Pages or sections in your document with the pages you are adding.
  4. Uncheck Ignore Initial Section to remove the first section in the document to be merged. All documents have a single section by default so this section will not be merged in. This does not affect the section's content which will be merged.
  5. Uncheck Discard Unused Text Styles if you want to carry over the unused text styles from the incoming document. By default, unused text styles won't be included in the import.
  6. Click OK.

An additional Imported Text Styles dialog may appear to manage any new or matching incoming text styles. If master pages and text styles are identical between the two documents, then those of the current document are used (no duplicate pages or styles will be added). If master pages differ, the incoming master pages are imported and added and will still be assigned to pages as before. If text styles with the same name have different settings you can either overwrite the current document's text style or rename the incoming style. If there is a new text style then it will be added to the document.