Creating pixel selections

A pixel selection is simply a drawn area on your image (bounded by a flashing dashed line, often called 'marching ants'). A selection is created for various reasons:

Selection boundaries are defined depending on whether individual pixels are included or excluded.

Once your selection has been created, you can invert it so all included pixels are excluded and vice versa.

Selection tools

There are several tools you can use to create pixel selections:

Selection procedures

Alongside the many selection tools available, there are also a variety of procedures you can follow to create a pixel selection from:

About selection modes

When working with, and creating, selections, you may have access to the following Modes which affect how your selection develops:

Select All Pixels To select every pixel in the image:

Do one of the following:

Invert Selection To invert a pixel selection:

With a selection in place, do one of the following:

To hide/show a pixel selection temporarily:
Deselect Pixels To remove a pixel selection:

Do one of the following: