Pixel-aligned painting

To achieve hard-edged painted strokes, which align to individual pixels, you can use the Pixel Tool.

Pixel-aligned painting example

The Pixel Tool adds pixels directly to the layer using the same principles as using the Paint Brush Tool.

Pixel Tool To apply pixel brush strokes:
  1. Use the Layers panel to select the layer that you want to work on, or create a new layer.
  2. From the Tools panel, select the Pixel tool.
  3. From the Brushes panel, select a brush thumbnail of your choice. Use hard-edged brushes from the Basic category for best results.
  4. Adjust the context toolbar settings.
  5. Select a stroke color from the Color panel.
  6. Drag on the page in the direction that you want the brush stroke to follow.
To smooth brush strokes as you paint: