Layer opacity

A layer's opacity determines how see through a layer is and how much of the layer beneath is obscured or revealed. At 1% opacity, the layer is almost transparent, whereas at 100% the layer is completely opaque.

Before and after opacity reduced.

Numerical keys can be used to quickly set the opacity of selected layers.

To change the opacity of a layer:
  1. From the Layers panel, select one or more layers.
  2. Use the Opacity control to set an opacity value.
To use opacity quick keys:
  1. Select a single layer or multiple layers.
  2. Press a numerical key, or two numerical keys in quick succession, to set the opacity. For example:
    • Press 4 for 40% opacity.
    • Press 0 for 100% opacity.
    • Press 4 and 5 for 45% opacity.
    • Press 0 and 7 for 7% opacity.