Export Persona Exporting using Export Persona

The Export Persona is a dedicated workspace for exporting layers, groups, and objects as export slices to different file formats and image sizes simultaneously. You'll also be able to export custom drawn slices.

How it works

The Export Persona uses a combination of panels and tools to create slices. Slices are export areas which you choose to output from your document.

The Layers panel, Export Options panel and Slices panel are used in combination in Export Persona. The Slice Tool is a unique tool in Export Persona which is used to create custom slices.

Using the Layers panel

The Layers panel is different from the Layers panel in Draw Persona. It is used exclusively as a precursor for selecting layers, groups, or objects from which slices can be created, and added to the Slices panel.

When you export a Layers panel item as a slice, the slice will automatically size to what is considered to be the extent of the selected item. A circle symbol at the top right of the slice indicates that it is auto-sized. If you choose to resize the slice, the symbol changes to a square, indicating that the slice has been modified. A resized slice created from a Layers panel item can be reset to 'auto-sized' at any point.

Using the Export Options panel

The Export Options panel lets you set up your default export settings, or settings for the currently selected item prior to slice creation.

Using the Slices panel

The Slices panel stores all your slices (from the Layers panel or Slice Tool) ready for export directly from the panel. Each created slice has an initial export format (e.g., PNG, JPEG, or SVG) associated with it on creation, with additional export formats being added per slice if needed; each export format lets you export at different size scaling or absolute sizes.

You can use the filenames in the Slices panel to specify (or create) a folder hierarchy in which to place your exported files. This is achieved through the use of the forward slash, or oblique, character.

For example, a PNG hero image could be placed within an img folder within an assets folder using the following syntax: assets/img/hero

If any part of the folder structure does not exist, the folder hierarchy will be created when the appropriate slices are exported using Export Slices (n).

Exported slice dimensions and DPI

When exporting slices via the Export Persona, the slice export size (1x, 2x, 3x, etc.) is linked with your document's DPI. The table below shows how DPI and export size affect export dimensions, using a 64x64 px document as an example.

DPI setting for a 64x64 document Export dimensions (in pixels); Exported DPI
7264x64; 72128x128; 144192x192; 216
9664x64; 96128x128; 192192x192; 288
14432x32; 7264x64; 14496x96; 216
19232x32; 9664x64; 19296x96; 288
21621x21; 7242x42; 14464x64; 216
28821x21; 9642x42; 19264x64; 288

Using the Slice Tool

The Slice Tool gives you full freedom to create export areas of all sizes, over any part of your document.

To set default export options:
  1. On the Export Options panel, select the Defaults tab.
  2. Adjust settings as appropriate.
  3. Jump back to the Selection tab when finished.

The settings will be used when your next slice is created.

Create Slice Slice Tool Export To export an area of the document as an image:
  1. Do one of the following:
    • On the Layers panel, select a layer, group or object and click Create Slice.
    • With the Slice Tool selected, drag on your page to define your export area.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • On the Export Options panel, adjust export settings as appropriate.
    • Jump to the Slices panel, expand the slice entry and alter the export format or choose an Export preset from the pop-up menu (PNG, JPEG, and Apple icon design presets only).
  3. (Optional) On the Slices panel, click the + icon under the export format entry to add an additional graphic export format.
  4. (Optional) On the Slices panel, click the indented + icon under the export size entries to add increasing levels of resolution (2x, 3x, etc.) to the export format.
  5. Do one of the following, to control what gets exported:
    • Select Click to export all formats for this item.
    • Select Click to export this size. This exports a specific export format for a slice at a specific size.
    • Click Export Slices (n) to export all formats and sizes for all checked slices in the Slices panel.
  6. Navigate to and select the storage folder for the exported image(s) and then click Export.
  7. (Optional) On the Slices panel, select Continuous if you want to automatically re-export export areas if the document is subsequently changed. This option is only available if Export Slices (n) was selected above.
Slice Tool To reset the dimensions of an manually resized export area created from a layer:
  1. With the Slice Tool, select a resized export area.
  2. On the context toolbar, select Revert to auto sized.