Export Options panel

Set the export options for a predefined export area using the Export Options panel.

About the Export Options panel

Once an export area has been defined, the Export Options panel allows you to set specific export attributes for that area. Using the panel, different export areas on the page can have different settings applied. This gives you full control over your exported images.

You can save custom settings as a preset for future use.

Export Options panel


Your choice of file format—or preset, which includes a file format—determines which other settings are presented in the panel.

For descriptions of the complete range of settings and their availability by format, see Export settings.

Preferences To save custom settings as a preset:
  1. Set the export options as desired.
  2. Click Panel Preferences, and select Create preset from the pop-up menu.
  3. Enter a name and click OK.

The new preset is added to the end of the Preset pop-up menu and is also accessible from the Export dialog.