Replacing colours by brush

You can recolour areas of an image using the Colour Replacement Brush Tool.

Before and after painting with the Colour Replacement Brush Tool with the Primary colour set to blue.

Using the Colour Replacement Brush Tool

The Colour Replacement Brush Tool takes a sample of the colour under the cursor when you begin to paint, and will replace all closely matching colours along the stroke with the current Primary colour. The targeted colour's hue will be replaced with the current Primary colour's hue, while retaining saturation and lightness values of the original pixels.

Colour Replacement Brush Tool To replace colours by brush:
  1. From the Layers panel, select a layer. (If you select a vector layer, it will be automatically rasterised when the tool is used.)
  2. From the Tools panel, select the Colour Replacement Brush Tool.
  3. From the Brushes panel, select a brush of your choice.
  4. Adjust the context toolbar settings.
  5. From the Colour panel, choose a Primary colour to replace the colour you want to change.
  6. Drag the brush cursor over the targeted colour.