Arrange/manage layers

Arrange and manage layer operations let you show/hide, reorder, duplicate, or lock layers.

Arrange layers

Reordering layers by dragging an entry in the Layers panel.

Show or hide layers to include/exclude layers (and layer objects) in your document and any output. Any layer can be also be reordered in the layer stack to change layer object ordering, or duplicated to improve efficiency. Locking prevents a layer or layer objects from being moved, resized, flipped or rotated (but still remains editable).

Hide/Show layer To hide or show a layer:
To show all hidden layers:
To reorder layers:

Do one of the following:

To duplicate a layer:
  1. In the Layers panel, select a layer.
  2. In the Edit menu, select Duplicate.

The duplicate layer is added above the selected layer.

Lock/Unlock To lock a layer (or layer object):
  1. On the Layers panel, select the layer(s) or object(s) to be locked.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Select Lock/Unlock.
    • From the Layer menu, select Lock.

Select Lock/Unlock again or use the Layer menu's Unlock item, to allow the layer contents or object to be transformed again.

To unlock all layers (or layer objects):