Bullets and numbering

You can turn a series of paragraphs into bulleted, numbered or multi-level lists. Bullets are especially useful when listing items of interest in no specific order of preference, numbered lists for presenting step-by-step procedures (by number or letter), and multi-level lists for more intelligent hierarchical lists with prefixed numbers, symbols, or a mix of both, all with supporting optional text (see Using multi-level lists).

A bulleted list, a numbered list, and a multi-level list
A bulleted list, a numbered list, and a multi-level list.

Affinity Publisher lets you create simple lists directly from the context toolbar, or by choosing from a preset bullet, number or multi-level list. If you want to go a step further you can create custom list styles by selecting your own glyphs, symbols, numbers and letter formats. You then have the option of replacing an existing preset with your own preset based on your own custom list style.

Lists can be applied to normal text (as local formatting) or to text styles equally.

To create a simple bulleted or numbered list:
To create a custom list: