Special characters and glyphs

Special characters and glyphs can be added to your text from any font installed on your computer. You can add via menu, use the Glyph Browser panel or insert Unicode/Glyph code at a chosen insertion point.

The Glyph Browser panel lets you insert glyphs, Unicode characters or Unicode characters with alternates. Instead, if you're familiar with, or have reference to, Glyph/Unicode character codes you can insert these characters directly into your text by toggling the entered Hex code into its displayed character.

Available characters (via Text>Insert):

Category name Character name Unicode character code
Double Dagger
Inverted Question Mark
Inverted Exclamation Mark
Registered Trademark
Paragraph Marker
Section Header
MathsPlus Minus
Approximately Equal
Not equal
Less than or equal
Greater than or equal
Per Mille
Quotation MarksDouble Left Quote
Double Right Quote
Single Left Quote
Single Right Quote
Double Base Quote
Single Base Quote
Left Guillemet
Right Guillemet
Single Left Guillemet
Single Right Guillemet
Dashes and HyphensEm Dash
En Dash
Figure Dash
Soft HyphenU+00AD
Non-Breaking Hyphen
Spaces and TabsEm SpaceU+2023
En SpaceU+2020
Non-Breaking SpaceU+00A0
Narrow Non-Breaking SpaceU+202F
Zero Width SpaceU+200b
Hair SpaceU+200a
Sixth Space
Thin SpaceU+2009
Quarter Space
Third Space
Punctuation SpaceU+2008
Figure SpaceU+2006
Zero-Width Non-JoinerU+200c
Indent to Here
Right Indent Tab
BreaksLine BreakU+2028
Column Break
Frame Break
Page BreakU+000C
Odd Page Break
Even Page Break

Other characters you may encounter while editing text:

Character name Unicode character code
Zero-Width Joiner200d
Paragraph Break2029
End of Story
Pin position
Index mark
To add special characters:
  1. Click for an insertion point in your text.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • From the Text menu, select Insert, then a special character entry from a chosen category.
    • From the Edit menu, select Emoji & Symbols, select a category by clicking the icons at the left of the pop-up dialog, then double-click a displayed symbol.
To show special characters (paragraph marks, spaces and breaks):
To insert glyphs/Unicode characters from browser:
  1. Click for an insertion point in your text.
  2. From the View menu, select Studio>Glyph Browser.
  3. Select a Font, Font style and Subset from the pop-up menu options.
  4. Double-click a glyph to add it to the text at the insertion point.
To insert glyphs/Unicode characters directly using Hex code:
  1. Click for an insertion point in the text.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • For a glyph: Type 'G+' then enter the Hex code, e.g. '02F5' or '2F5'.
    • For a Unicode character: Type 'U+' then the Hex code, e.g. '0040', '040' or '40'.
  3. Toggle from code to displayed character by using Text>Toggle Unicode. Toggle back to Hex code using the same command; keep insertion point at end of character.