Affinity Publisher's preflight check feature can be used to ensure that your document exports or prints as intended. The preflight check runs as a background process, and can be run on demand, prior to output, or 'live' on a continual basis.


The Preflight panel.

Preflight checks the contents of your file for errors, ensuring the file is ready for print or export.

Preflight notifications

With preflight enabled, the bell-shaped preflight indicator in the status bar will change when warnings or errors have been detected in the document. The colour of the indicator shows preflight's status:

Hovering over the preflight indicator when it is red will reveal the number of errors preflight has found. Clicking on the indicator takes you directly to the Preflight panel.

Editing the Preflight profile

The Preflight panel uses a default set of checks, but these can be customised. The Preflight panel's Panel Preferences Edit profile function allows you to tailor preflight checking to your needs. From the panel, you can control the severity level for preflight issues, set values and thresholds that trigger preflight warnings and errors, and control how embedded documents work with preflight.

Errors and warnings

The Preflight panel displays a full list of warnings and errors it has found, allowing you to pinpoint and correct certain errors where they appear in the file. The types of errors that are listed are determined by the way your preflight preset has been set up in the panel. Errors are colour coded to indicate their severity:

The full list of preflight warnings and errors is as follows:

Double clicking on an issue in the panel will take you to its location in the file. A Fix button beside certain issue types allows you to fix them immediately.

If enabled, preflight will be re-run on print and export. If there are errors (not warnings) in the file, a dialog offers the chance to abort the export and go to the Preflight panel to review the errors.

Preflight user comments

Preflight user comments can be added to objects in your publication, creating a custom check to be made prior to print or export. This has many uses, including the ability to:

When a user comment is added, it will be listed in the Preflight panel to be checked later.

To access the Preflight panel:

Do one of the following:

Panel Preferences To create a preflight preset:
Panel Preferences To save a preflight preset:
To change the bleed hazard safe zone edge:
To enable preflight to check for issues:
To disable error checking:
To check for issues immediately:
To view further information on an issue:
To view an object marked with an issue in the file:
To automatically fix an issue in the file:
To set preflight user comments:
  1. -click on an object and select Preflight Comment>Set.
  2. Enter a comment into the Preflight Comment text box, then select OK.
To clear preflight user comments:
  1. -click on an object and select Preflight Comment>Clear.