Stroke panel

The Stroke panel lets you set the properties of lines and curves, as well as shape outlines.

About the Stroke panel

Every object can take a stroke around its selection box which can take on various properties, e.g. width, colour, opacity, line style, etc.

Stroke panel

The Stroke panel showing properties applied to an object.

The following controls are found on the panel:

About Dash Line Style

For dashed line styles, a Dash number grid appears at the bottom of the panel which sets the Dash pattern using two number pairs:

All values are based on the current line width, e.g. a value of 2 is twice the line width.

Dash Line Style Pattern

Dash line style with Dash settings 1,2,0,0 and 1,2,4,2, respectively.

The Phase value allows you to 'shift' the dash line style along so the design begins at a different point in the style's sequence. This can have an impact on how dash lines display for closed shapes (see below).

Dash Line Style Phase

Dash line style with Phase settings 0 and 4, respectively.