Index panel

The Index panel allows you to generate and structure an index for your document.

About the Index panel

From the Index panel, you can create an index, topics and insert index markers directly onto your page, as well as generate and insert your index in your document.

Index topics are simply index terms that you can search for in your document. From the search results in the panel, you can index all matching terms or index individual terms selectively.

The panel also lets you manage all aspects of index management from a single location.

Index panel

The Index panel.

The following icons are available at the top of the panel:

When you insert an index marker, the topic name will be pre-filled with the word at the insertion point. Existing topics that may be similar to the word at the insertion point will also be suggested. Typing in the box allows you to search existing topics. You can select a topic from the suggestion list using either the cursor keys or the mouse. Selecting a sub topic will populate both the topic and the parent. If you are creating a new topic, you may specify either a new or existing parent topic. Style override allows you to specify a character style to use for the page number when this index mark appears in the index.

When you insert an index into the document, a number of styles will be generated. The section headings, each level of index, the page numbers and the cross reference label each get their own text styles which can be modified with the usual tools.

Changes that you make using the the index panel are updated in the document straight away but editing the text of the document may cause the page numbers in the index to get out of date and this isn't updated automatically. To update this, hit the update button. If updates are needed before printing and exporting, Publisher will display a warning.

In the text menu there are options to insert an index mark, insert the index, update the index and show/hide index marks.


There are a number of options that affect how the generated index looks. Any alterations made to the following options will be reflected immediately in the document:

Below the Index panel options is a preview of the index, listing all of the topics and sub topics in the form of a tree diagram. Under each topic, all of the index marks for that topic are listed, complete with the page number they appear on and a few words of the surrounding text.

Index marks and topics can be easily altered from within the Index panel in the following ways:

-clicking on an index topic also allows you to choose from the following options:

At the bottom of the panel is a search box allowing you to search for topics by name.