Pinning objects

If you're working with text frames, it’s likely that you might add shapes, images, tables or other text frames in support of your main publication text (either artistic or frame text). These objects can be either floated in relation to a pinned position in your text (or other page element) or be simply placed inline in your text. In either instance, objects can then move with the text as you add further text content or move the text frame itself.

Floating an image that is pinned to text. The image moves as frame text reflows.
Inserting an image inline into heading text.

About pinning

Pinning is possible by using two different options:

Floating objects can be pinned to anywhere in your publication text, but the floated object can be positioned in relation to indented text, column, frame, page margin, page edge, or most typically the pin in a text frame.

Frame text can wrap around floating pinned objects that overlap the text frame. Conversely, inline anchored objects do not allow text wrapping.

For text frames, when the frame text reflows with new content, the pin (and therefore pinned object) moves with the text.

Basic pinning is possible via the Toolbar but for full control and fine positioning of pinned objects, you can switch on the Pinning panel.

To switch on the Pinning panel:
Float with Text To create a floating object pinned to text:
  1. Select and position your unpinned object on the page.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • From the Toolbar, enable Float With Text.
    • From the Pinning panel, select Float With Text.

Pin By default, the object is pinned to any artistic or frame text nearest to it as indicated by a pin. You can reposition the object by dragging to anywhere on the page and the linkage will be maintained. Equally, you can fine tune the position of the pin by dragging it to a new location, e.g. to the start of a paragraph where the image is referenced or to a completely new text frame.

To adjust the floating object's position:
Inline in Text To insert an object inline in text:
  1. Select your unpinned object on the page.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • From the Toolbar, enable Inline In Text.
    • From the Pinning panel, select Inline In Text.
To adjust the inline object's position:
To unpin a floating or inline object:

Do one of the following: