Supported file formats

Affinity Publisher is capable of opening, importing, placing and exporting a range of document, raster and vector graphic formats directly.

Opening a file will launch the document either natively or will import a file's content. Placing a file onto areas of the page will either link to the original file or embed a copy of its contents into Affinity Publisher. Export will make sharable or ready for publishing.

Open Place Export
Affinity Photo (.afphoto) Affinity Designer (.afdesign) and Affinity Photo (.afphoto) PDF
Affinity Designer (.afdesign) PDF3 Adobe Photoshop
Adobe InDesign (IDML only)1,2 Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop Common raster graphics
Adobe PDF2,3 Text files (Microsoft Word DOCX, RTF)
Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop2 Spreadsheet files (XLSX) from MS Excel, Apple Numbers or LibreOffice (Calc)
Common raster graphics
Adobe InDesign (IDML only)1

1When exporting from InDesign, choose File>Save As and select the InDesign CS4 or later (IDML) option. INDD import is not supported.

2Imported file has to be saved as a Publisher file.

3JBIG2 PDF encoding is supported.