Develop Persona only Raw Tools

The Raw tools allow you to make and modify adjustments applied to an image in Develop Persona.

The Raw tools available include:

View Tool View Tool

Used to move the visible portion of your document in the Document view.

Zoom Tool Zoom Tool

Used to change the zoom level of your page or canvas in the Document view.

Red Eye Removal Tool Red Eye Removal Tool

Quickly fixes the red eye effect in your photos and preserves the detail of the eye.

Blemish Removal Tool Blemish Removal Tool

Enables you to remove small imperfections from images.

Overlay Paint Tool Overlay Paint Tool

Allows you to add areas to the selected overlay adjustment.

Overlay Erase Tool Overlay Erase Tool

Allows you to remove areas of the selected overlay adjustment.

Overlay Gradient Tool Overlay Gradient Tool

Allows you to apply linear, elliptical, or radial graduated opacity to the selected overlay adjustment.

Crop Tool Crop Tool

Removes areas of an image to improve composition.

White Balance Tool White Balance Tool

Automatically sets the White Balance of the image depending on the color of the pixel clicked under the tool's cursor or pixels selected by dragging (averaged color).