Inpainting (image interpolation) is the process by which lost or deteriorated image data is reconstructed, but within the context of digital photography can also refer to replacing or removing unwanted areas of an image. For example, you can remove or replace:

Removing objects from a landscape image.

About inpainting

The Inpainting Brush Tool is used to paint over (and identify) damaged or unwanted areas. Complex algorithms then take over to harvest information from the surrounding areas of the image in order to reconstruct the missing data.

Inpainting Brush Tool To restore image data using the Inpainting Brush Tool:
  1. Use the Layers panel to select a layer to work on.
  2. Click the Inpainting Brush Tool.
  3. The tool uses a soft-round brush by default. To use a different brush style, choose one from the Brush panel.
  4. Adjust the context toolbar settings.
  5. Drag across the image to identify the area of lost or damaged data.

Best Practices: