Sources panel

The Sources panel provides a means of storing multiple clone sources that you can use in conjunction with the Clone Brush and Healing Brush tools.

About the Sources panel

The Sources panel is available from the Photo Persona; it can be switched on via View>Studio.

The panel lets you set up multiple global sources and define the "pickup" area for each source, in advance of (or during) cloning, healing, or patching. After a Focus Merge or HDR Merge, the panel will also automatically appear.

Sources panel

The Sources panel.
To add a global clone source and define its clone area:
  1. Open an image, then from the Sources panel, click Add Global Source.
  2. Double-click on the newly created source entry, then hover over the area of your document you wish to set as a clone source and click once.
To clone from a clone source:
  1. Ensure you have either the Clone Brush Tool or Healing Brush Tool selected.
  2. On the Sources panel, make sure the Toggle Source Preview option is disabled. Your current document that you wish to edit should be displayed.
  3. Select a source from the Sources panel list.
  4. Hover over your document; you should see a preview of the clone source area. Simply click once or click-drag to begin cloning or healing.


The following settings are available in the Sources panel: