Links panel

The Links panel shows the link attributes for a selected linked layer.

About the Links panel

The panel displays linked layer attributes that differ according on the type of linked layer selected. Any layer type can be a linked layer.

Links panel

Linking The Links panel is displayed by clicking the Is Linked icon on any linked layer in the Layers panel.


The Links panel displays the following:

The attributes list is as follows:

Attribute For sharing.. Example
Pixel content..the same pixels between layers that update simultaneously on editingMaking a mask share the same pixel content as another mask
Blending mode & ranges..the same blend mode and tonal blendingSwapping out a multiply blend mode for a soft light blend mode en masse amongst composite images
Opacity & visibility..the same opacity level and Show/Hide settings between layersMaking multiple semi-transparent text frames that update with opacity changes
Layer effect parameters..the same layer effect settings (shadow, bevel, color overlays)Multiple text captions can use a common drop shadow appearance that update if the effect is modified.
Adjustment parameters..the same adjustment layer settingsUsing the same white balance settings to uniformly 'warm' composited images
Live filter parameters..the same live filter layer settingsSharing uniform blurs on multiple background composited images
Vector shape parameters..the shapes' appearances can be morphedRounded rectangles could update simultaneously if the the corner roundness is to change
Vector fill..a solid or gradient fillConsistent color-to-transparency 'tail-off' radial and linear gradients applied to composited images.
Vector line style..the stroke width, color and styleDotted lines on a travel map could change their dot pattern simultaneously.