Mixing paint colors

Affinity Photo gives you the opportunity to digitally simulate the mixing of wet paint applied to a canvas.

Mixing colors example

Effect of dragging the Paint Mixer Brush across color boundaries.

Using the Paint Mixer Brush

The Paint Mixer Brush is pre-loaded with the Primary color selected on the Color panel. As you drag on the page, this color blends with the color of pixels underneath the stroke, giving a smudged appearance to the image.

By default, the mixed color remains on the Paint Mixer Brush. However, the brush can be manually 'cleaned' at any time. As soon as you drag on the page with a clean brush, the brush will pick up the color directly underneath it.

Alternatively, the mixed color can be manually removed from the brush at any time and reloaded with the Primary color. You can also set this to occur automatically every time you begin a new stroke.

Paint Mixer Brush To mix paints:
  1. On the Tools panel, select Paint Mixer Brush.
  2. On the Color panel, set the Primary color.
  3. On the Brushes panel, select a brush type.
  4. Adjust the context toolbar settings.
  5. Drag on the page.
To simulate a clean brush (with no paint on it):

With the Paint Mixer Brush selected, do any of the following:

  1. Set the Primary color on the Color panel to None.
  2. On the context toolbar, click Clean Brush
To remove mixed paint and reload the Paint Mixer Brush: