Batch jobs

Batch jobs allow a number of image files to be processed: specific processing instructions can be automated, boosting workflow efficiency.

Batch job dialog

The Batch Job dialog with files added to the Sources list.

About batch jobs

The Batch Job feature allows you to specify an unrestricted number of source files to process and export. Raw files will be automatically developed, and both the exported file format and image dimensions are configurable.

Batch jobs can work in conjunction with Macros. Any number of pre-recorded macros can be applied to the source files, meaning you can very quickly apply certain operations to several files.

To start a batch job:
  1. On the File menu, choose New Batch Job.
  2. Below the Sources list, choose Add to bring up a file import dialog.
  3. Select your desired image files (including raw files) to add to the Sources list and click Add.
  4. Set your Output options (see below for more information), then click OK to begin batch processing.


The following settings are available in the Batch Job panel: