Layers can be grouped together for easier management and for restricting adjustments or masks to particular layers within your project. Layer groups can be nested together within a 'parent' layer group.

Grouped layers remain together so they can be easily selected, moved and copied. Furthermore, once a layer group is established, adjustments and masks can be applied to the group and will affect all the layers within the group but not those outside the group.

Groups, and nested groups, can be broken apart at any time into their separate layers.

Group Layers To create a group:
  1. Select multiple layers. (In the Layers panel, -click each layer.)
  2. Do one of the following:
    • On the Layers panel, click Group Layers.
    • From the Arrange menu, select Group.
Group Layers To create an empty group:
  1. With no content selected, from the Layer menu, click New Group.
  2. Drag and drop layers into the newly created group on the Layers panel to add them to the group.
To ungroup layer content:
  1. On the Layers panel, select the layer group.
  2. From the Arrange menu, select Ungroup.
To release a layer from a layer group:

Do one of the following:

Expand/Collapse To select a specific layer within a layer group:
  1. On the Layers panel, expand the layer group to show its contents by clicking the layer's arrow.
  2. Click to select a layer within the group.