32-bit OpenEXR support

Affinity Photo has full OpenEXR 32-bit document support, including multichannel (or "multilayer") import and export.

OpenColorIO Integration

With an OpenColorIO configuration (see OpenColorIO for more information), OpenEXR documents with a valid color space affix (eg filename_acescg.exr) will be converted from that color space to scene_linear upon import.

Additional configuration

Additional OpenEXR options are available from the Color options on the Preferences menu:

Multichannel import/export

Photo supports multichannel OpenEXR documents for both import and export.

Multichannel import:

Multichannel export:

Multichannel OpenEXR example
An example of how a multichannel OpenEXR document looks once imported.
To export a multichannel OpenEXR document:
  1. From the File menu, choose Export.
  2. Select the EXR export format.
  3. From the Preset pop-up menu, select OpenEXR 32-bit linear (layered).
  4. (Optional) Access the More dialog to configure the multilayer settings:
    • Include unknown channels—channels whose type cannot be determined will still be exported as a single luminance-based channel.
    • Compression—determine a compression format to use for a reduced file size. Compression may also be disabled entirely.
    • Image pixels—choose whether to encode Image channels (RGBA etc) as 16-bit (half float) or 32-bit (full float).
    • Spatial pixels—choose whether to encode Spatial channels (XYZ etc) as 16-bit (half float) or 32-bit (full float).
    • Other pixels—choose whether to encode other/undetermined channels as 16-bit (half float) or 32-bit (full float).
  5. Choose Export to export the document to a chosen filename and directory.