Using Sidecar

Sidecar allows you to connect your Mac and iPad to extend or mirror your desktop onto your iPad’s display. With this functionality, you can draw on your iPad using an Apple Pencil to edit documents in your Affinity Mac apps.

System requirements

To run Sidecar, you will need:

Sidecar can work with a wired connection (Lightning or USB Type-C) or wirelessly. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Handoff must be switched on for a wireless connection to work.

Sidecar will stay connected within a range of 10 meters (30 feet); both connected devices must be logged into the same iCloud account in order for Sidecar to work.

Connecting your devices via Sidecar

To connect your devices using Sidecar, open the AirPlay menu and choose your iPad. When Sidecar is in use, the AirPlay menu changes to an iPad icon. Click this icon for instant control of your iPad display. You can decide whether the display mirrors or extends the Mac desktop and shows additional Mac shortcuts alongside the desktop. There are also links to display any Sidecar preferences.

Mirrored display

A mirrored display.

Extended display

An extended display.

Sidecar works with one iPad at a time, but it can be used alongside additional external displays.

To switch from a wired to wireless connection or vice versa, disconnect the Mac from the iPad using the AirPlay menu bar icon, then reconnect.

When you first connect to Sidecar, your iPad will become a secondary display by default, allowing you to drag apps directly between your devices.

To move apps between displays:
  • Drag apps from one screen to the other.
  • Alternatively, hover over the green button at the top-left corner of a window and select Move to iPad.
  • From the Window menu, select Separated Mode.
To open another app in a floating window to one side of your Affinity apps:
  1. Find the app’s icon in the Dock, on the Home screen or in Spotlight search results.
  2. Hold a finger on it until it pulses, then drag it.
  3. Use another finger to return to your Affinity app.
  4. Drop the second app on top of your Affinity app to open it in a Slide Over window.