Object defaults

When you create new objects, their appearance is initially determined by the default settings for the particular object you are creating.

These defaults can be changed in the current document, saved globally for future documents or returned to factory settings at any time. Synchronizing defaults lets you base a new default on the currently selected object, with the option to save the defaults or revert to saved defaults if needed.

Synchronize defaults to current selection To synchronize defaults to current selection:
  1. Select an object with the attributes you wish to save as default settings.
  2. From the Toolbar, select Synchronize defaults from selection.

Synchronized defaults override saved defaults for this document only. This is a great way to work with a set of defaults temporarily for a single document without having to save them.

To save defaults:

The defaults used for this document become the global defaults for all future documents.

Revert Defaults To revert synchronized defaults back to saved defaults:
To reset defaults to factory settings: