Creating packages

Use the File menu's Save as Package command to open the Package Document dialog.

The dialog's Summary section reports the numbers of fonts and images used in your document and alerts you to potential problems.

The total number of images may be larger than the sum of linked, missing and modified images because it also includes any that are embedded within the document.

The Package Document dialog when creating a package.

Excluding items from a package

You can choose to exclude all fonts and/or all images when creating a package.

To exclude individual items, delete them from the destination folder after the package has been created.

Diagnosing problematic statuses

The dialog provides separate counts of items that are missing, modified or restricted. Investigate these before you proceed with packaging.

If packaging fails

Affinity Designer may inform you that it has failed to save the package, and that the package may be incomplete. One reason for this message is to remind you that some fonts or images are missing.

If you did not expect any fonts or images to be missing, try packaging the document again.

Always check that a package contains everything that is expected.

To package a document:
  1. With the document open in Affinity Designer, select File>Save as Package.
  2. Set Include fonts and Include images as needed.
  3. Select OK.
  4. Browse to the empty folder in which you want to create the package.
  5. Select Package.