Retouching is the process of correcting, enhancing, or creatively manipulating a photo.

In contrast to the adjustment layers, the retouch brushes apply modifications to a selected pixel layer, thereby affecting individual pixels on the layer.

The retouch brushes provide the opportunity for precision work in editing images and pixel layers. For example, the Dodge Brush is ideal for lightening areas of shadow within a photo while leaving other areas unaffected.

The retouch brushes available include:
To use a retouch brush:
  1. Use the Layers panel to select the pixel layer that you want to work on.
  2. Click a retouch brush tool.
  3. The tool uses a soft-round brush by default. To use a different brush style, choose one from the Brushes panel.
  4. On the context toolbar, change the brush values as desired.
  5. Drag on the image to apply the effect under the brush stroke.